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December 28, 2012
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Judas Character Sheet (Updated info) by DarthAislin Judas Character Sheet (Updated info) by DarthAislin
Pssssttt guys. PSSSSST. 

Edit: Added a SHITTON more information about this boy. Like. Death by ultrabible description now.

I took that gorgeouslovely wolf design I bought from Mustamamba and started toying around with full on character designs. I finally came up with this~!

Everyone, meet Judas.

Well, he introduces himself as Judas 90% of the time. His legal name is Havika Kham-Dao. Given to him by his Laotian father when he was a baby. He's half asian (laotian), and half caucassian (welsh/german) from his mother, but he looks almost entirely like his dad. He just got his relative height from his mom's side. (She's 5'6, but her dad and brothers are all around 6'0)
Note: (He was raised in Calgary, Alberta)
But Havika being his LEGAL name, and not the name he prefers, he only uses it when he needs to. He adopted the habit of introducing himself as something else when he was in gradeschool, because kids are pretty cruel with abnormal names.

Now, some quick info on him:
He's an Ice/Frost wizard, and an Animagus. owo He studied under teachers in a coven from the age of 11-17 which schools 'gifted' youths in the art of magic. (And by gifted, I mean the ability to project their life force into physical magic. Other than shooting somewhat weak bolts of flashy lightstuffs, if it's not schooled there isn't much you can learn on your own. )
He chose his specialization in frost, due to his like of the magic school that it encompasses. It comes easier to him, being powerful, and using bursts of energy like fire, but not requiring as much focus to ensure the fire doesn't go out.
But his Animagus specialization basically chose him. While some other students were having issues grasping the basics of transmogrification, he excelled in it, and once he got the hang of shifting back and forth at will, he found he really enjoyed the freedom it brought.

Although he keeps to one form, as most Animagi who attempt to switch between multiple forms have issues with their transformations being...mixed up. Not good.

Now the coven is secretive, so the general public doesn't know much of anything about it.
His parents know a small bit. They know unexplainable things happened around their child, and it frightened them, as most any parent would feel. But when the coven stepped in, they introduced themselves as a private school, and used the old rouse of an exceptionally gifted academic student, on his way to doctorates in physics and proficiencies in brain surgery. (As such, during the spring, and autumn months he attended classes in the Toronto area, and then came back home to Calgary in summer and winter. )

He keeps up that rouse, even though he's officially no longer a student within the coven, as he's learned all he cares to learn. On occasion he comes home with a new (faked) diploma, some exciting (Made up) stories about his classes, and intense essays (written by someone else) on his laptop that were graded with 98s, and 100s.

In truth, he currently lives in Whitehorse, Yukon. And loves the close proximity to the wilderness, where when he's not tending to his part time job at the local gas station, he can partake in some free roaming, exploring, and hunting. But this is the temporary residence he keeps due to wanting to practice his magic where there aren't a lot of people around.

Not to say he doesn't miss Calgary, or Toronto (Where the coven was primarily located, and where he spent most of his older youth) but he's currently enjoying a 6-9 month stint with nothing but the wind, water, and snow beneath his feet to make him worried or upset. Aside from the temporary job at a gas station during his vacation, to make sure he doesn't run out of food money.

His OFFICIAL residence is in the 'city' of Cochrane Alberta. Where he moved after he came back from the coven. It's about a 25 minute commute into the Calgary limits, so he can visit his mom and dad, and go to work at his real job.

Quick note stuffs~

Random quick trivia information about him:

He appears to be right handed.

He plays guitar as a hobby.

Runs semi-fast (In human form.)

He's a novice with computers.

Has a Samsung Galaxy S (S1, not S2 or 3.) phone.

He doesn't really play any video games.

He can cook pretty well, but is so lazy he just tends to grab a burger on the way home from work, or bum a thing of fries from a friend.

He prefers Soda (His favorite soda is cola Jolt) to Water.

He normally keeps his apartments pretty messy, but he's organized and meticulous when it comes to work.

He tends to sleep 6-7 hours a night.

He HATES mornings. He's incredibly tired.

He has /never/ drank coffee. (He has tried 1-2 energy drinks before though.)

Due to an accident when he was young, he has a phobia of swimming in water. As such, he doesn't know how to swim. (This is something that he will /not/ suddenly recover from. It's a permanent fixture in his life. )

He is very mechanically inclined, and can build/fix almost any major type of Motorcycle, can fix most issues in cars, and can do repairs on sports bikes.

He is not proficient in any physical weapons, but has always wanted to take swordfighting lessons.

He has a CRAZY sweettooth! We're talking 7-8 sugars in a cup of tea crazy.

He likes mystery and thriller novels.

He is a great dancer!

He doesn't drink heavily but is a social drinker when out with friends.

His favorite foods are burgers (Medium rare to rare, minimal lettuce, no tomatoes, some cheese and ketchup) and french fries.

His least favorite foods are italian food. (Pasta, italian soups, pizza.)

He doesn't smoke, although he tried it when he was younger.


Age: 24
Ethnicity: Laotian/Welsh&German
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Light Brown
Preferred style of clothing: Leather jacket, tshirts, plaid shirts, and jeans.

Bio/transportation info

His parents left town often when he was a kid, due to their jobs. So he was taken care of by his grandparents frequently (His mother's side. His father's parents passed. )
but his uncle (His mother's side.) was a bit of a drifter, and would stop by to hang out with him. The uncle had no kids of his own, so he was close to Judas, but he wasn't much of the parenting type. He could handle his sister's kids, but wasn't big on having his own children. Personality wise, his uncle was socially stunted, so he felt he could relate better to Judas as a younger kid.

Now Judas' uncle was into motorcycles, rode one everywhere, fixed up old ones, and was associated with motorcycle clubs. So Judas learned to like motorcycles from him, and got to watch him working, and began to learn what to do as he helped his more experienced uncle.
When he was about 12, his uncle gave him his first bike to fix and repair, and even though it was busted up something awful, his uncle was right there teaching him how to fix it.

His uncle was always right there with life lessons too, teaching Judas how to be an honorable and respectable person. Whereas his father always tried to teach Judas to be the "Right" kind of person.

A couple years later though, his uncle died in a horrific bike accident. (A car slammed into the side of his bike, sending him swerving into the side of an 18 wheeler.)

Judas was beside himself, having been extremely close to his uncle, and feeling like his uncle was his best friend.
But his father disliked his uncle GREATLY, due to Judas finding his uncle to be a better male role model, and being so much closer to him. His father's side also didn't like the fact that his uncle was a bit of a blue collar drifter. He found that his aunts, and father both acted like it was a good thing to have his uncle gone, so in a bit of a silent protest, and defiance he ended up taking all of his uncles old things, including the wrecked bike, and then spent 2 years fixing it.
While he was fixing it, a few of his uncle's bike loving associates saw him working on it, and over the months saw the progress he made.
Because of how several of the uncle's associates saw him putting it together when they visited Judas' mother to stop by and greet the family, they approached him after it was completed, they offered him a job at a bike repair place. Since they felt he knew his shit, he got work there. Mostly under the table payments, as he wasn't registered, but after a couple years he managed to become the best mechanic at the shop, and the local bike-lovers who had been coming to that shop for years, started to rely on him.

And from there on out he went on improving his skills, and didn't keep up on his paperwork due to being busy with the work he was doing.

Mind you, his parents aren't totally happy with what he's doing, because they feel he could have done way more with his life, but while his father holds it as a bit of a grudge, his mother is happy that he at least found out what he loves, and can do it. And she also feels in a way, it's good that this helps keep Judas feeling close to his uncle.

But overall the way his laotian side of the family treated his uncle made him feel like he didn't identify with any of them, so he's closer to his mother's side.

He owns three bikes, his first one that his uncle gave him (A smaller model of honda, which he keeps at his parent's house.) his uncle's old bike is his favorite, 'old faithful'. A black 2001 Honda shadow 750 spirit. And then finally, he has a bike which his mom and dad bought him as a 'graduation' present, a Ducati Diavel carbon. The carbon he uses mainly for show, when he's going out somewhere expensive, or is trying to impress someone. The Ducati is also his choice for when he's streetracing, due to it being a much sleeker and faster machine than his old faithful Honda Shadow.
He also owns his uncle's old red 1996 Dodge ram 3500. He uses it to travel up to Whitehorse, when he feels like practicing his magic out in the middle of the buttfuck nowhere wilderness. He brings his old faithful honda shadow with him when he takes these trips, but he leaves the Ducati at his house in Cochrane.

(Also, his father is first generation canadian, but his mother's family had been in canada for generations. )

Abilities and special traits:

Human to Wolf
And Wolf to Human transformations at will, unlimited number of times, takes 1.8 seconds to morph, painless.

His wolf form is larger than an average wolf, and has abnormal markings, this was a strange trait his teachers noticed, that whenever he'd transform into something during his classes, the patterning would always be the same, unnatural combination.

He has an affinity for the cold, and being a frost mage, doesn't feel the cold as much as other people do. On the other hand, he has a high sensitivity to hot weather.
This allows him to do various abnormal things, such as sit next to an open window when it's snowing, without worrying about more than shorts and a tshirt. Or walk on the snow barefoot, without feeling as though his feet are about to fall off.

He can conjure ice, and to a lesser extent water through magic. (But only if he's either A. Well rested. Or B. Well hydrated. If those two factors aren't there, he can't use the majority of his conjure spells. )

He can manipulate water, and snow to either turn to ice, or to harden into a denser ice.

He can also cast ice spells to project ice anima at his enemies if need be.

(HIS BREATH SMELLS MINTY COOL GUYS. Ok not really...But that'd be cool.)

He (Like every other student at the coven) studied all basic forms of magic. So he knows how to brew potions, enchant items, summon creatures, call his own familiars, and control other elements. But he chooses not to use these other techniques, and stick to what he learned in Transmogrification, and Elemental Projection classes, because it's what he's best at. (Everyone's anima projects itself differently in not only things like color, but also what magic they can use best. And NO ONE can master all forms of magic. It's impossible. In fact most people don't master more than 2. )

Judas (c) to me~<33

*Used a ref for the pose, can't find it on google. Fml. * T-T

Random art piece from myself of him: :thumb346415702:

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