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Weh'noh, stranger.
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Hey all! Will art for premium!
1 badge = 3 months - Available
full character = 1 year - Available

And hell, since it's BOGO right now, you're technically getting it for free~  ;D

So step on up! And I'll only be taking one of each of these!
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Taius Quinn
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Welsh corgi pembroke stamp by Tollerka

Alaskan Husky Stamp II by titovn

Important links:
:bulletred:My Terms of Service
:bulletred:My Order form and Priceguide
:bulletred:My Project List.

Fursona: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Lives In: Washington
Employment: Part-Time Dispatcher, and fulltime Artist.
Best Friend: deadsiilence One of the sweetest ladies I've ever met, and an absolute icon for me. <3

Guys, I am a completely approachable person if you ever want to try to be friends, to critique my art, or to just have a conversation! Don't be shy.

I welcome all happy comments.

I welcome all constructive criticism.

I welcome all conversation starters!

Hey all I'm Bal! I'm 20, live in the US with my sleddog retiree husky Kirby.

I love drawing, and have a huge passion for animals and the furry community. I'm a very spiritual person. (And technically religious, but I dislike the negative cultural connotations of saying you're VERY RELIGIOUS. Especially since I'm not crazy-in-your-face about it haha! )

I am a HUGE avid gamer, and play a wide range of console-style, MMORPG, and even tabletop games. (Although all of my 'console' games are played on the PC currently, my old playstation broke, and I haven't gotten a new gaming console. But SOON MY FELLOW GAMERS. SOON.)

I adore nature, and love going on hikes, and for runs on trails/beaches, I love aquariums, and I've found some of my favorite places to be on top of a mountain, or underneath an ice cave.
I love fursuiting and fursuit building, and find it to be relaxing, fun, and a great way to spend my time.

I dream of becoming a professional Illustrator, and have aspirations to attend art college to further my knowledge. I also accept critique for most all of my work (Although I appreciate it most on my most recent pieces, since they're the ones which would most closely resemble my new artwork.) because I simply want to get better, and I know other people can see things, and can tell me things that can help me leaps and bounds. (Just a matter of getting them to say it! A lot of people are scared of giving critiques. But I assure you, as long as you're not just blatantly rude, and simply telling me how I suck at _____, I'll appreciate everything you say, and try to incorporate it into future artwork.)

My favorite season is winter, and my favorite holiday is technically Halloween, although I never experienced it as a child. (I grew up in a household where there was no candy giving, no decorations, and no trick or treating, so last year was my first real Halloween! ) Following close behind that one is Christmas, because it was always a huge thing in my family to get together, cook lots of food, and sit around and catch up. The gifts are wonderful too! But I really just loved the laid back atmosphere, and the happy reunions.

Now that you've all gotten to know me a little bit better, I should also note I /love/ talking to people (As if it wasn't obvious. LOL ) and I'm always interested in meeting new people! If you ever just want to chat, throw me a note, or a comment, or ask for my skype, and I'll gladly chit chat with you. ^-^


:bulletred:I've learned in recent years, that even the most negative, and hateful of statements should be welcomed with open arms. After all, if someone is allowed to praise and compliment my work, and tell me how wonderful it is; why should I ever deny someone else the right to tell me that my work is awful, that I need to grasp the basics of anatomy/composition/originality/etc, and that I have FAR more to improve on?:bulletred:

:bulletred:"We are dealt the life we are dealt. It is all of our duties to make the best of it, cherish our good, and try to improve on our bad. ":bulletred:

I think everyone can benefit from learning these lessons.


Hey all! Will art for premium!
1 badge = 3 months - Available
full character = 1 year - Available

And hell, since it's BOGO right now, you're technically getting it for free~  ;D

So step on up! And I'll only be taking one of each of these!
  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Stars - Russel Crow, from the Les Miserables discs
2 for 1 adopt sale~ by DarthAislin
2 for 1 adopt sale~
Alright, I'm going to be up front here. I need grocery money.

So I'm offering both these adopts for 30 USD. 

Comment or note me to claim them, and then send payment to

I'm also willing to make customs, note me and we'll discuss it.
OK, So I'm planning come this weekend when I'm done with some more commission work I want to do some work designing another character of mine, who's mechanically augmented. 

He's male, with a slim athletic build, and will be a member of the Viverridae family.

Now onto my poll, WHERE should the visually mechanical parts be? :D The winning combinations will be seen in the character design, alongside any additional parts I choose. 

Please vote for your THREE FAVORITE ones listed! You can also suggest different placements, and describe exactly what your idea is for the place you're voting on. 

1. On the face: Around/In the eyes. (2 votes)

2. On the face: Around/On the forehead.

3. On the face: Around/On the muzzle. 

4. Around the shoulders: On the neck. (1 vote)

5. Around the shoulders: On the collarbone. (3 votes)

6. Around the shoulders: On the bicep itself. (2 votes)

7. On the chest: On the sternum (center of the ribcage.)

8. On the chest: On the left/right pectoral. (2 votes, over his heart.)

9. Around the hips: On the front of the hip.

10. Around the hips: On the side of the hip. (2 votes)

11. On the legs: On the front of the upper left/right leg. 

12. On the legs: On the sides of the right/left leg. (1 vote)

13. On the legs: The entirety of the leg. (1 vote.)

14. On the feet/hands: Fingers/toes, with possible mechanical ligaments. (1 vote. Full hand)

15. On the backside: Full/partial vertebrae. (1 vote partial, 1 vote either)

16. On the backside: Lower vertebrae connecting into the tail. (1 vote, extending down the tail)

17. On the arms: Full arm. (Left, right, or both?) (1 vote)

18. On the arms: Upper arm/shoulder only. (Left, right, or both?)

19. On the arms: Lower arm/wrist only. (Left, right, or both?) (1 vote both)

20. On the hands: On the palm of the hand. (1 vote)

21. On the ears: The whole ear. (3 votes)

I'll try to keep tabs on all the votes, and tally them up in this journal as I get them! Thank you for participating
  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Headlines - Drake
I.H.O.R. Menu Template Commission! by DarthAislin
I.H.O.R. Menu Template Commission!
A completed commission for   International.House.of.Raffles 

:D They wanted a background to frame their upcoming submission project, and as a member since the first few weeks of their incredible group, I was honored to be considered as an artist for this piece! >w< Thank you again to  for approaching me, regarding this idea!

Featuring a background actor some of you may recognize, and your waitress today will be Rohi, the group's mascot! :D

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