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Terms of Service

"Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you all know, I'm open for commissions right now. These will be all types, and I’ll put up a new journal when these undetermined slots are full.

I currently am offering a 10 USD discount to the first people to buy a character portrait, so I can use their piece as an up-to-date example piece. 
Portraits will be fullbody, no background, shaded pieces. 


PLEASE CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY COMMISSION PRICES. The prices are also listed in my order form. ^-^ 
(I do NOT take point commissions, these commissions pay my rent.)

What types of things I will draw for this round:
■ Anthro.
■ Feral.
■ Humanoid.
■ All Genders.
■ All non-hyper bodytypes.
■ Almost all species. (I'm not practiced with marine wildlife, or insects, so I would caution people with those characters that it may not be what they're looking for. Although I'm willing to try most anything! )
■ Suggestive, erotic, or sexy themes. 

What types of things I will not draw for this round:
■ Hyper/Macro. 
■ Extremely or unrealistically overweight or underweight characters.
■ Copyrighted character designs.
■ Extreme gore.
■ Sex scenes. (Tasteful nudes, or erotic artwork is allowed.)
■ I will not design a character to 'look like' a pre-existing design for the refsheets. I may take written descriptions, but I most definitely will not assist in copying someone else's design. 

My specialties:
■ Canines
■ Felines
■ Equines
■ Cervines
■ Viverrids
■ Primates
■ Hyenas
■ Mustelids
■ Ursids

Special Themes:
For this round I will be offering a discount on illustrative scenes purchased with these special themes in mind.
Please note, all of these themes will have a loose range of settings they’ll be located in. Some are less specific than others, if you’re curious about examples of what these themes are, feel free to ask!

■ Corsairs on the High Seas
■ The Wild Wild West
■ Modern Cities of the Far East
■ Cafes in Paris
■ Haunted Houses of New England
■ The Farthest Alaskan Reaches


My terms of service are non negotiable. They are the base line of my work and it is the client's responsibility to read and understand them before agreeing. 
Prices are subject to change without notice for future work, if the base prices are changed while commissions are pending, those pieces will not have an increased or decreased price, it only pertains to future pieces. This includes when sales begin and end. 

Queue times vary based on time available to work on the art in question. Some pieces may take me days to complete, others will take me hours based on complexity, details, overall composition, difficulty, and how many changes/redos I need to make in order to put out a quality product. Please respect this when commissioning me.
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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Welsh corgi pembroke stamp by Tollerka
Grey fox stamp by Tollerka
Alaskan Husky Stamp II by titovn

Important links:
:bulletred:My Terms of Service
:bulletred:My Order form and Priceguide
:bulletred:My Project List.

Fursona: Pembroke Welsh Corgi, or Grey Fox.
Lives In: Southeast Alaska
Employment: Dispatcher, and fulltime Artist.
Best Friend: deadsiilence One of the sweetest ladies I've ever met, and an absolute icon for me. <3

Guys, I am a completely approachable person if you ever want to try to be friends, to critique my art, or to just have a conversation! Don't be shy.

I welcome all happy comments.

I welcome all constructive criticism.

I welcome all conversation starters!

Hey all I'm Aislin! I'm 20, female, live in Alaska with my sleddog retiree husky Kirby.

I love drawing, and have a huge passion for animals and the furry community. I'm a very spiritual person. (And technically religious, but I dislike the negative cultural connotations of saying you're VERY RELIGIOUS. Especially since I'm not crazy-in-your-face about it haha! )

I am a HUGE avid gamer, and play a wide range of console-style, MMORPG, and even tabletop games. (Although all of my 'console' games are played on the PC currently, my old playstation broke, and I haven't gotten a new gaming console. But SOON MY FELLOW GAMERS. SOON.)

I adore nature, and love going on hikes, and for runs on trails/beaches, I love aquariums, and I've found some of my favorite places to be on top of a mountain, or underneath an ice cave.
I love fursuiting and fursuit building, and find it to be relaxing, fun, and a great way to spend my time.

I dream of becoming a professional Illustrator, and have aspirations to attend art college to further my knowledge. I also accept critique for most all of my work (Although I appreciate it most on my most recent pieces, since they're the ones which would most closely resemble my new artwork.) because I simply want to get better, and I know other people can see things, and can tell me things that can help me leaps and bounds. (Just a matter of getting them to say it! A lot of people are scared of giving critiques. But I assure you, as long as you're not just blatantly rude, and simply telling me how I suck at _____, I'll appreciate everything you say, and try to incorporate it into future artwork.)

My favorite season is winter, and my favorite holiday is technically Halloween, although I never experienced it as a child. (I grew up in a household where there was no candy giving, no decorations, and no trick or treating, so this year will actually be my first real Halloween celebration ever! I'm very excited for it. ;w; ) Following close behind that one is Christmas, because it was always a huge thing in my family to get together, cook lots of food, and sit around and catch up. The gifts are wonderful too! But I really just loved the laid back atmosphere, and the happy reunions.

Now that you've all gotten to know me a little bit better, I should also note I /love/ talking to people (As if it wasn't obvious. LOL ) and I'm always interested in meeting new people! If you ever just want to chat, throw me a note, or a comment, or ask for my skype, and I'll gladly chit chat with you. ^-^


:bulletred:I've learned in recent years, that even the most negative, and hateful of statements should be welcomed with open arms. After all, if someone is allowed to praise and compliment my work, and tell me how wonderful it is; why should I ever deny someone else the right to tell me that my work is awful, that I need to grasp the basics of anatomy/composition/originality/etc, and that I have FAR more to improve on?:bulletred:

:bulletred:"We are dealt the life we are dealt. It is all of our duties to make the best of it, cherish our good, and try to improve on our bad. ":bulletred:

I think everyone can benefit from learning these lessons.
Run kitty run STAMP by RuthMcGleish


Dungeon Delving by DarthAislin
Dungeon Delving
My first publicly released illustration featuring my upcoming graphic novel's main character, Abu Daal! 

"It takes a very brave, or sometimes very foolish individual to dive into the deepest reaches, to face whatever lurks there in the shadows. 
But it appears that our resident mercenary here is more than prepared.

Character and art belong to myself.

Interested in funding the creation of this character's graphic novel, and other personal work? Take a look at my Patreon!
Dom Abu Daal Refsheet by DarthAislin
Dom Abu Daal Refsheet
A fantastic reference for a new main character of mine, which will be part of a huge project I intend to unveil soon!

Created by DarkIceWolf on FA.
I couldn't have found a better artist to help me create a reference for this character.

The original concept for this character was brought to life with the assistance of my good friend Ray.

Also please note, Dom in his culture is a title, and a given name. Abu Daal is his birth name, Dom is the title he earned through his education within the Mages Guild. His culture has hundreds of titles which represent different ranks, his is somewhere in the middle, and the majority of these titles are used the same way given names are, but with a certain amount of respect as they remind the speaker of that person's rank.
The closest equivalent examples I can give, are "Sorcerer", "Magus", or "Enchanter"
So his title is an honorary given name, which references his learned status in magic. In his culture it's not at all rude to refer to someone by an honorary title which directly references their job, or status. It's considered polite to acknowledge their achievements.
Rudeness would be to refer to someone above a worker, or peasant as their given name without an air of familiarity between the two individuals.  

So in formal settings, his full name including the title would be used by those who's rank is below or at equal range from his, and those who were a significantly higher rank would simply call him Dom, unless other people in the area shared his rank. In which case they would call him "Daal" exclusively.

Onto a couple small tidbits about him:

Abu Daal is a shield-mage mercenary hailing from deep southern deserts, but traveling through and selling his skillsets in the northernmost kingdoms.
He's a quiet, fairly reserved individual and despite his current profession's reputation is quite the intellectual.

He stands apart from other mercenaries in the area he works as his culture is quite a large distance from where he is.

But that can be utilized as a positive factor in receiving work for his skillset.

Mercenaries can be found anywhere, but ones with higher education from mages colleges are much more unusual in the northern countries. At the period of time that his story is in, higher education was for nobles and the rich, or citizens of the desert lands and islands to the far south who were beginning their own golden age of knowledge, where common citizens who could show proficiency in creative/scientific skills, or the desire to learn could be chosen to enter the colleges that are located in the capital cities.
These regions are creating an unprecedented world that's looked on by the common rabble of their neighbors with shock and awe, where there's a middle ground between a peasant and a noble. Someone who can leave a family tilling soil, and become a well known trader, physician, or even a statesman with the education to blend into their new class.

His education in the mages circles provides him with a league of his own in these northern countries, because at the end of the day his customers pay more for not just a boisterous warrior, a barbarian clad in a slain knight's armor, or a peasant sporting a sword and board, but a battle-mage like the ones which are heard about only in the stories regarding the king's court and bodyguards.

This is not to say he's without hardships. His culture is misunderstood by Northmen, and considered barbaric and mysterious.
While he may dress in his northern garb, his very fur gives away the fact that he's not one of them.

This causes him to be a target for racists and those who would rather see his pelt flayed off his skin, than to except that someone who doesn't belong to their region may live among them.

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