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Taxidermy Secret Santa 2014 


  1. Post up a journal with 10 things you'd like for Christmas. We suggest at least 5 of these be taxidermy related
  2. Make sure to try and send other people gifts, even just sending card is nice!
  3. Asking for non-taxidermy items is fine, but if you don't want any this might be the wrong SS for you.
  4. Please include your address on the journal or a way for people to contact you to get your address to send the gift.
  5. Others can join in the fun at TaxidermySecretSanta


List 10 items you'd like to get, list can be as detailed or blunt as you like, Example using my wishlist done below.
  1. A soft mount! I've always wanted one. 
  2. Fox, deer, wolf, etc. Pelts, bones, skulls, scraps, horns, antlers, would all be great!
  3. TAILS TAILS TAILS ilovetails.
  4. Pinned butterflies and moths would be fantastic
  5. Shiny, or interestingly patterned stones, or small fossils! I collect lots of those!
  6. Drawing supplies! Mechanical pencils, erasers, sketchbooks, etc. 
  7. Anything Corgi, vampire (nottwilight) werewolf or zombie themed! :D
  8.  Animal teeth! I loooove teeth. 
  9. Sketches and doodles! They don't have to be anything extensive, but I'd LOVE some doodliness in cards and such! >w< Especially if they're related to some of my characters. owo My main characters I'd be looking for art of are: My fursona Balthazar, Abu Daal, Warren, or Joren.
  10. Tea (looseleaf or bagged both works), Candles, Coffee beans (CHOC. Covered espresso beans yesplz too) aaaand scarves. Especially plaid scarves. owo 

Angel Dowden
c/o Alyssa Houed
31 N Myrtle St
Hoodsport, WA


:icondeadsiilence: :iconellistrations: :iconthe-fianna:

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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Welsh corgi pembroke stamp by Tollerka
Grey fox stamp by Tollerka
Alaskan Husky Stamp II by titovn

Important links:
:bulletred:My Terms of Service
:bulletred:My Order form and Priceguide
:bulletred:My Project List.

Fursona: Pembroke Welsh Corgi, or Grey Fox.
Lives In: Southeast Alaska
Employment: Dispatcher, and fulltime Artist.
Best Friend: deadsiilence One of the sweetest ladies I've ever met, and an absolute icon for me. <3

Guys, I am a completely approachable person if you ever want to try to be friends, to critique my art, or to just have a conversation! Don't be shy.

I welcome all happy comments.

I welcome all constructive criticism.

I welcome all conversation starters!

Hey all I'm Bal! I'm 20, female, live in Alaska with my sleddog retiree husky Kirby.

I love drawing, and have a huge passion for animals and the furry community. I'm a very spiritual person. (And technically religious, but I dislike the negative cultural connotations of saying you're VERY RELIGIOUS. Especially since I'm not crazy-in-your-face about it haha! )

I am a HUGE avid gamer, and play a wide range of console-style, MMORPG, and even tabletop games. (Although all of my 'console' games are played on the PC currently, my old playstation broke, and I haven't gotten a new gaming console. But SOON MY FELLOW GAMERS. SOON.)

I adore nature, and love going on hikes, and for runs on trails/beaches, I love aquariums, and I've found some of my favorite places to be on top of a mountain, or underneath an ice cave.
I love fursuiting and fursuit building, and find it to be relaxing, fun, and a great way to spend my time.

I dream of becoming a professional Illustrator, and have aspirations to attend art college to further my knowledge. I also accept critique for most all of my work (Although I appreciate it most on my most recent pieces, since they're the ones which would most closely resemble my new artwork.) because I simply want to get better, and I know other people can see things, and can tell me things that can help me leaps and bounds. (Just a matter of getting them to say it! A lot of people are scared of giving critiques. But I assure you, as long as you're not just blatantly rude, and simply telling me how I suck at _____, I'll appreciate everything you say, and try to incorporate it into future artwork.)

My favorite season is winter, and my favorite holiday is technically Halloween, although I never experienced it as a child. (I grew up in a household where there was no candy giving, no decorations, and no trick or treating, so this year will actually be my first real Halloween celebration ever! I'm very excited for it. ;w; ) Following close behind that one is Christmas, because it was always a huge thing in my family to get together, cook lots of food, and sit around and catch up. The gifts are wonderful too! But I really just loved the laid back atmosphere, and the happy reunions.

Now that you've all gotten to know me a little bit better, I should also note I /love/ talking to people (As if it wasn't obvious. LOL ) and I'm always interested in meeting new people! If you ever just want to chat, throw me a note, or a comment, or ask for my skype, and I'll gladly chit chat with you. ^-^


:bulletred:I've learned in recent years, that even the most negative, and hateful of statements should be welcomed with open arms. After all, if someone is allowed to praise and compliment my work, and tell me how wonderful it is; why should I ever deny someone else the right to tell me that my work is awful, that I need to grasp the basics of anatomy/composition/originality/etc, and that I have FAR more to improve on?:bulletred:

:bulletred:"We are dealt the life we are dealt. It is all of our duties to make the best of it, cherish our good, and try to improve on our bad. ":bulletred:

I think everyone can benefit from learning these lessons.
Run kitty run STAMP by RuthMcGleish


Dungeon Delving (F5 for lighting/fire overhaul) by DarthAislin
Dungeon Delving (F5 for lighting/fire overhaul)
EDIT: Please F5 for repainting/lighting changes.
My first publicly released illustration featuring my upcoming graphic novel's main character, Abu Daal! 

"It takes a very brave, or sometimes very foolish individual to dive into the deepest reaches, to face whatever lurks there in the shadows. 
But it appears that our resident mercenary here is more than prepared.

Character and art belong to myself.

Interested in funding the creation of this character's graphic novel, and other personal work? Take a look at my Patreon!
Esyrion Character Sheet by DarthAislin
Esyrion Character Sheet
Good morning/evening everybody!
I just got the finishing touches done on this refsheet, for my character Esyrion~!

A couple quick notes:

• He's about 7'2.

• Those ears, as stated in the refsheet are not ears, but sensory organs which are extremely sensitive to vibrations caused by movement, and sound. His eyesight isn't highly acute, but when combined with his ability to create a 3D image in his mind from those ears, he can see more clearly than most other creatures, because he's not limited to seeing the front of every surface, instead he can create an image which includes what's behind nearby surfaces, how fast they're moving, and what they look like.
His eyes assist in judging things like color, and subtle textures which don't come through clearly from vibration.

These ears can not be moved independently of eachother. If the large 'ear' on his left side goes down, or up, the smaller ones on the left side follow suit. Same with the right side.

He can 'see' in the dark, but is essentially color blind as his eyes stop functioning well.

The bright colors inside these 'ears' is used as a sort of flag, so when they're moved it's more obvious his counterparts. They have mild function in determining expression and emotional state, same with his tail.

• FUN FACT: His eyes see many different colors, but can see greens, and blues VERY VIVIDLY. They stand out tremendously from other colors. So his counterparts idealy should all have various hues ranging between bright greens and bright blues as the inner color for their 'ears'. If you have a color which taps into yellows, purples, or god forbid reds, you're considered less attractive.

• His tail is not fully prehensile, and can not grasp things but is able to bend quite a bit. It has EXTREMELY limited movement in the vertebrae which connect into his hips and back. That part of his tail really does not move at all.
He uses it for balance, and as a sensory organ for touch. His tail is very sensitive to textures, similarly to how a human's skin is, but sensory overload can come from someone deliberately grabbing or stroking his tail, which registers as a kind of pain.
Don't fucking touch the tail.

• The horn on his face has two cavernous holes which run through it, and connect to his nostrils, but otherwise is solid. His sense of smell is not very acute, but does not register as 'poor'. This horn is made of a hard bone-like material which grows directly out of his skull like a beak.
As an adolescent he would not have horns, but rather a smooth rounded tip on his nose, which around early adulthood will grow multiple shapely horns which can vary in direction based on genetics.
This beak can be filed down, but is considered unsightly and disgusting to do so once adulthood has been reached.
If it is broken accidentally, it can regenerate a maximum of three times over the course of his life, but will not necessarily grow back in the right shape, or be symmetrical, which can leave him permanently disfigured.

Special care is taken to ensure this beak is healthy, as a result. Cleaning, polishing, and daily scrubbing with water are a must to preserve the attractiveness of one's beak. (Consider it like your teeth. You have one opportunity to lose a tooth in your life during early childhood, and you might be able to replace it and end up with a normal set of adult teeth. They require constant care and brushing to ensure their health, and good looks. )

Noting of course, with that example in mind his teeth also require daily care, to ensure they do not rot.

• His diet consists of mostly meats, vegetables, and dairy products. Fruits tend to be too sweet, or too acidic for his pallet, and will cause pain and itching on the inside of his mouth, and carb-heavy foods will cause him to become sluggish and lose all of his energy, as his body works very hard to digest them.

• The bottoms of his feet generally /need/ to be covered when outdoors, as they're sensitive to texture, and very high or low temperatures. This is a fact of life. Those that go barefoot their entire life (with great social stigma, and being looked down upon) will have rough, calloused feet with a low nerve sensitivity to the elements and touch. But those that wear covers on their feet will have cleaner, softer pads, but be much more sensitive to walking on rocks and the like.

• Also his feet have a slight webbing between the toes, this makes them (while not ideal) viable or at least not useless for swimming on occasion.
He can hold his breath for 3 minutes.

• A final note, is that while his bodytype is distinctly masculine, he does have very large hips and legs, as is normal for his counterparts, and considered ideal.  The large hips and powerful legs help support a bulky body, and heavily muscled tail that would otherwise not be usable if the muscle structure was not there to support it.
I'm sorry, was he yours? My bad. by DarthAislin
I'm sorry, was he yours? My bad.
I'm sincerely sorry for your loss, my heart grieves for you.

(Reuploaded due to image error. Sorry about that!)

My half of an art trade for   samaella ~

Thank you for trading with me! :D Your character is bitchin!

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